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Film Set

terrier trailer

all-inclusive production support

fully stocked production support for film & tv sets for only $650/day

Our Florida terrier trailers are fully stocked for any shoot. You can add extras as needed, but our package is designed to cover most of your needs.

Utility / Golf Cart

use three different ways on set


Camera Cart

Rig any camera anywhere on the cart as you wish. Camera rigs are supported by the grip department. 


Utility Cart

When setting up equipment in locations that are far from support, transporting the equipment can be helpful.


People Mover

Move crew and talent quickly between sets or production.  With a flip of the seat, it goes from a utility to 4-person transport.

TOP SPEED: 23mph with 1 person and no equipenet

WORKING SPEED: 18mph with 4 people and 100lbs of equipment

POWERED: Battery (6 on cart and 6 stand by)

$500 per day includes the driver.  

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