4 class offerings per experience level, leading up to the UAE Tour:


UAE Class #1 - FLAT ROAD

UAE Class #2 - ROLLERS


UAE Class #4 - TIME TRIAL (Facebook Live event)


How we deliver 60-minute classes for all levels:

1. Beginner/First Timer On Peloton Or Stationary

This is a great introduction to coached cycling workouts for the "fitness enthusiast." We encourage riders to ask questions, and we offer tips and techniques along the way. The goal of this class is to keep it fun, give riders a great workout, and endow them with the confidence to level up.


2. Beginner/First Timer On Real Bike

Same as above, but integrating real bike terms, techniques, shifting, etc. 

3. Intermediate/Advanced On Peloton Or Stationary With Strava

Class is structured to challenge riders' power and effort, similar to our Terrier classes. Our audience is strictly Peloton/Stationary, so the design will reflect this. Strava data can be saved and uploaded. 

4. Intermediate/Advanced On Real Bikes with Zwift and/or Strava

Riders get it all, power and effort-based challenges with the drills and skills they can use outside on real bikes. We expect seasoned riders, so the workouts will reflect this. A group ride will be set up on Zwift so everyone in Zoom will be on the same course. Strava data can also be uploaded.    


FINAL EVENT is a Facebook Live Time Trial

Real Bike Zwift/Strava 10k Time Trial on Facebook Live

An "in real time" Time Trial with actual starting times

- 10k course selected on Zwift

- Cyclists log in to our UAE Tour Zoom Room “time trial" before their designated race times

- Each cyclist is sent off with a “:10 count down” (their screens will be highlighted for the world to see). We have 25-50 cyclists riding at one time, so we'll always be able to cut around the room. We can even check in with participants on "how are they feeling” to get some live feedback.  

- We can add graphics, videos, music -- anything to amplify the viewers' & riders' entertainment

- Viewers can also live comment, cheer on their friends, and ask questions to the race commentators/event hosts (Tiaminou & Elie)

- Possibly ask a Pro to come on to talk about the race for 5-10 minutes 

- Once done, riders send their data and we post the leader board on uaetour.com

- Cost: is the TT free? Option to charge a small fee and designate it to the Educational Project or another charity of choice

Peloton/Strava 20 Minute Time Trial FACEBOOK LIVE

- Same as above, but it's a 20:00 “Just Ride” on Peloton and recorded to Strava.

- Scheduled at a different time than the Zwift TT

- Example schedule setup:

Real Bike TT 8a-11a

Peloton/Stationary Bike TT 12p-3p

We suggest making divisions for the TT's as we do in triathlon which will increase participation & entries:

Overall Male

Overall Female

Master Male

Master Female

F&M 20-24

F&M 25-29

F&M 30-34


The Facebook Live event will take a little prep and production, along with a short run through. We've done this in the past at Terrier and it's a BLAST but we would just need to coordinate the backend with UAE TOUR / ANGHAMI / TERRIER.


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