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Winter Speaker Series At 

First Thursday of every month


11/3, 12/1, 1/5, 2/2, 3/2, 4/6

Join us for our monthly interactive series from Rapha Clubhouse NYC featuring an exciting lineup of speakers who will offer tips & tricks to improve your running, cycling, and health & fitness. Be prepared to following along with exercises & skills during each session. You can attend in person or livestream as all events are free and to attend. Simply register by clicking on one of the links below.


Marisa D'Adamo Rose

Physical Therapist & Multisport Athlete


Thursday November 3rd From Rapha NYC

Better / Faster / Stronger

Speed & PR's! We all want it but how do we get there?  It's not only about speed work, tempo and hills.​ Come explore a few simple technique and maintenance adjustments so you can find improvement.

ABOUT MARISA: A Duke University graduate, she worked with orthopaedic surgeons at Duke and beyond including clinical, field, surgical, research and cadaver work. She received her Athletic Training certificate at Columbia University to work on the field as well. Previously she graduated University of Florida in exercise science at the top of her class, she is now one of a dozen or so therapists in the state of New York to have a board certification in sports. To better understand competition, she has run several marathons, dozens of half marathons, several half-Ironman triathlons, and is also an Ironman. She Has Worked With: NYC Marathon, International, Elite and Olympic marathon runners The US Women’s National Soccer Team Ironman and Millrose Games NYC triathlon/paratriathletes and the NYC Marathon medical teams Columbia University football and basketball teams. Proud mom of two bambinos. 


Robert Pennino

Terrier Fitness

Thursday December 1st

Winter Cycling Tips & Tricks To Be Spring Ready

A few fun winter workouts will keep you fit & fresh so you're ready for the spring season!

ABOUT ROBERT: Robert Pennino, founder and head coach of Terrier Fitness, began coaching athletes over 20 years ago. An experienced athlete himself, Robert saw success as a baseball player with the University of Tampa before ultimately transitioning to endurance sports. Robert knows not only what it takes to be a successful athlete, but also a successful coach. With life-long exposure to many coaches in his athletic career, Robert experienced a breadth of coaching styles that ultimately informed his own, unique approach. After a few years off from racing he's exciting to be training again for Ironman Copenhagen 2023.


Taylor Dunham

Yoga & Triathlete

Thursday January 5th

Mobility & Regeneration For Better Cycling & Running

What you do between workouts is just as important as what you do during the workouts. Come join Taylor as she takes you through range of motion moves to help you on the bike and on your feet.

ABOUT TAYLOR: I’m an athlete-turned-anatomy-geek. Learning, exploring, and teaching yoga and movement therapies. I’m committed to precision, technique, and having FUN. Because if it’s not fun..why bother? I’ve been an athlete since age 4, and have competed in sports ranging from soccer and rugby to triathlon and partner acrobatics. A multitude of ridiculous injuries and 5 joint surgeries later, I knew I had to do something differently. In my last triathlon season, I cut my training in half, and instead added yoga & thai massage as my version of ‘cross-training.’ The payoff? I got faster, and my body hurt less.

Lauren A.jpg

Lauren Antonucci

Certified Sports Dietitian & Multisport Athlete


Thursday February 2nd

Simple Nutrition Habits For Better performance

If you were given 4 keys to better nutrition could you follow it for 2 months?  Lauren will challenge you.

ABOUT LAUREN: Lauren is the owner/director of Nutrition Energy and combines her experience as a Clinical Nutritionist, Certified Diabetes Educator, Board Certified Sports Dietitian and athlete to lead the Nutrition Energy team. Lauren is herself a 10 x marathoner and 3 x Ironman triathlete who continues to podium as a Masters athlete and has literally written the book on sports nutrition for masters athletes. Lauren is based in NYC and also serves athletes virtually across the country. She provides comprehensive nutrition therapy and personalized nutrition planning for individuals and teams. Lauren has written for the New York Road Runners Club publications, presented on Sports Nutrition and Hydration at the NYC Marathon expo and race week events, and to numerous NYC area running and triathlon teams. Laurens newly released book, High Performance Nutrition For Masters Athletes, is now available from Human Kinetics and amazon.


Annie Chen

Pilaties & Cyclist


Thursday March 2nd

Stronger core to manage back pain and improve cycling performance

Your core is more than just your abs! Learn how to fire up your postural muscles to help manage back pain for improved mobility off the bike and strength on the bike.

ABOUT ANNIE: Annie is a certified Pilates instructor and integrative nutrition health coach focused on helping cyclists overcome back and hip pain. As an avid cyclist, skier, and backpacker, Annie believes that mobility has helped her recover from surgery and be stronger than before. Prior to this, Annie worked in global business development for a luxury fashion company while curating her passion for movement. She is the founder of Full Cycle Wellness LLC whose goal is to help cyclists gain strength and mobility, prevent overuse injury, so they spend more time doing what they love and less time recuperating.