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Robert Pennino, founder and head coach of Terrier Fitness, began his career in the industry over 15 years ago. As an athlete himself, starting with a baseball career that began at a young age and culminated at the University of Tampa, to then transitioning to endurance sports just over 18 years ago, Robert knows what it takes not only to be a successful athlete, but to be a successful coach. 


Having spent most of his life being coached by many different people, which, as you can imagine, lends itself to experiencing and absorbing a breadth of different coaching styles, Robert has had the opportunity to learn, observe, and ultimately develop his own unique approach. 


What sets Robert apart? Robert quickly realized that coaching is not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. He understands that people are motivated in different ways and that in order to help his athletes succeed, and in turn to succeed as a coach, he must tap into those differences. For Robert, true success has not been identifying one coaching style unique to him, but rather, learning how to tailor his techniques to each of his athletes. 


While Robert’s coaching method may be flexible and adaptable to each individual athlete, Terrier Fitness is founded on a single philosophy and objective: work hard to reach your fitness goals, but always have fun doing it! No matter how big or small your fitness goal may be, whether it’s a big race, setting a new personal-record, learning a new sport or striving for an all-around healthier lifestyle, working towards a goal will always require time and dedication and at Terrier Fitness that’s not exception. The heart of the company, though, and Robert’s relentless mission, is the ability to find camaraderie, support and sheer joy through fitness. 

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