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Terrier Fitness

Terrier Fitness online workouts officially launched in March 2020 for runners & cyclists of all levels to access expert coaching remotely. Classes are streamed live with the same philosophy Terrier has upheld since its origins in 2004: with purposeful programming and challenging interval-based workouts, we work you hard but always keep it fun and real. All levels are welcome, and equipment is flexible: runners can be on treadmills or outside, cyclists can be on any type of road bike trainer or spin bike. Visit our Livestream page to learn more.




At Terrier we believe the key to a successful and fun training experience is the relationship between not only athletes and their coach, but between the athletes themselves. Since 2004, we pride ourselves on being a fun and open-minded team with experienced coaches, each of whom brings a unique approach and methodology to training. Our NYC & Tampa groups consist of both men and women. Most are working professionals who have a passion for the sport, and the camaraderie and competition that come with it. Learning how to balance schedules with family, work, social life and training is part of the process that Terrier supports. We trust in the discipline and determination of our team.

TER'RI'ER (noun)

Much like a Jack Russell, the Terrier athlete is fun-loving, tenacious, and curious. Terriers are dependable, clever, and bold. They are admired for their athletic prowess and playful humor. They have been known to act a little crazy off the bike, but with diligent conditioning, this problem should not persist in future generations of the breed. Food is one of their best friends, along with sleep and ample hydration. 


Terriers' greatest attribute is their ability to laugh and love as great companions on rides, runs, and celebrations after achieving a tough workout or finish line. Spotted all over the world, their funny antics will continually amuse you, their intelligence knows no bounds, and their assertive character and boundless energy is what wins them the race. 

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