Terrier Fitness

Terrier digital workouts officially launched in 2020 for runners & cyclists of all levels. These classes provide additional coaching options for runners & cyclists around the world. Working with the exact same philosophy as we have since 2004, we keep it fun, we keep it real but work you hard during these professionally coached classes. The best thing about Terrier? Anyone can join no matter your level or equipment. Runners can be on treadmills or outside, cyclist can be on road bikes, tri bikes, Pelotons or any type of spin bike. Just show up and get ready to work!


At Terrier we believe the key to a successful and fun training experience is the relationship between not only an athlete and their coach, but amongst the athletes on the team as well. Since 2004 we've prided ourselves on being a fun, flexible, open-minded team with highly experienced coaches, each of whom brings a unique approach and training methodology. Our group of NYC & Tampa athletes consists of both male and female. We are all working professionals who have a passion for the sport and the camaraderie and competition that comes with it. Learning how to balance our schedules between family, work, friends and training demonstrates the dedication and determination of our team members.

TER'RI'ER (noun)

The Terrier athlete is an increasingly visible creature in New York City and around the world. Much like a Jack Russell, the Terrier is a happy, bold, energetic human. Terrier's are extremely loyal, intelligent and assertive. They are well-known for their athletic prowess, as well as their ability to guzzle large amounts of beer, wine and other swill. Food is one of their best friends, as is sleep, hydration and nutrition in funny little packets. They tend to wake up early to train and love to race hard.


Terrier's rarely complain, like to snuggle, and occasionally even sunbathe in the nude. They have been known to run a little crazy off the bike, but with diligent conditioning, this problem should not persist in future generations of the breed. Their greatest attribute is their working ability to laugh and love, closely followed by their excellent qualities as a companion on long rides, long runs and the occasional drinking binge after an “A” race. You may find Terrier’s exiting the water 1st, chasing down other cyclist, or barking at other Terrier’s on the run. They are equally adept at killing a workout in Central Park, Bayshore Blvd, charging the climb up Bear Mountain or battling the winds in Ft. Desoto. Their funny antics will continually amuse you, their intelligence knows no bounds and their assertive character and boundless energy can at times be overwhelming. 



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