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The Beet. Features Terrier Fitness

Terrier Fitness has been newly featured in The Beet., an online hub for news and resources to support a plant-based lifestyle. According to The Beet., Terrier Fitness covers all the bases for delivering a premier workout experience to its users, saying, "The live in-person coaching along with music, intensity intervals, endurance and speed drills, and the usual spin class motivation from working out with a like-minded group of athletes is the perfect combination of motivation and hard work that will make you want to come back for more." The Beet. educates its audience about all things plant-based, from recipes to wellness advice, so that they can achieve and sustain a healthy lifestyle. Terrier Fitness is proud to be aligned with such a mission-driven resource, as we have always believed that everyone deserves a high-quality, knowledgeable fitness experience regardless of where or why they show up. Read the full article from The Beet. below, and snag a discount code for a complimentary class! Get Fitter as You Run or Ride to a Livestream Coached Zoom Class |

TERRIER At Home Workouts Explained

Even as the weather warms to invite us outdoors, and vaccinations bring hope in a self-sequestered world, Online Training remains at the forefront of 2021 trends for good reason. It's time to discover just how effective virtually-coached classes are, if you haven't already. In fact, Equinox Instructor and Triathlete Coach Robert Pennino says online classes offer enhanced value over in-person, because you are coached throughout the entire workout rather than just at passing points or in a packed room, as would be the case for outdoor running groups or indoor spin classes. At Terrier Fitness, classes are Livestream, which means that you are coached live in real time, through the streaming platform Zoom. If you are interested in online classes for running and cycling but the Livestream setup doesn't quite make sense to you, then follow our 7 steps on how to workout with Terrier and learn how it all works. STEP 1: COME WITH CURIOSITY TERRIERS love to learn Visit our Schedule and choose the best workout for you. All classes are for every experience level, fresh beginners alongside experienced competitors. All you need is willingness to try, so visit the schedule with curiosity. Notice duration (60-minute, 65-minute, or 90-minute), time of day, and style. STEP 2: BOOK AT A BARGAIN TERRIERS are all welcome Here's a step-by-step guide to Booking your Class: 1. Select class by name → BOOK NOW 2. On the calendar, click on class time → BOOK A SESSION 3. Enter contact info to receive your online class link → PAY NOW 4. Enter payment information → PAY NOW 5. Booking is now complete! STEP 3: RECEIVE YOUR LINK TERRIERS enjoy convenience, but always show up to do the work Receive a confirmation email from Terrier Fitness, subject line "Terrier Live Workout Is Booked!" In this email is a Zoom link to click at the scheduled time and join your live class. STEP 4: PREPARE YOUR WORKOUT TERRIERS venture fearlessly into their next great fitness experience RUN with your smartphone and headphones. Outside, we recommend a fanny pack for your phone, but you can also hold it in your hand or tuck it in snug clothing. Inside on a treadmill, prop up your phone securely with the video feature on. At start time, click on the Zoom link in your confirmation email. CYCLE on a spin bike or a road bike that is set up on an indoor trainer. Set up your smartphone or computer facing your bike, and connect headphones or good audio. At start time, hop on your bike and click on the Zoom link in your confirmation email. STEP 5: CONNECT WITH YOUR COACH & COMMUNITY TERRIERS thrive on the camaraderie of a good-hearted group challenge RUNNERS join class with video and audio on! Then, switch off your video, and tuck away your phone. Throughout effort-based intervals, Coach guides your pace and technique as you run. A typical class will cover a 3-6 mile run depending on your level. CYCLISTS join class with video and audio on! Keep your video on, so Coach can hone your technique throughout class as you ride. A typical class will include purposeful rest intervals to maximize your performance during power & effort-based intervals. STEP 6: LISTEN TO ANGHAMI TUNES AND ENJOY THE FITNESS BENEFITS TERRIERS' playfulness is part of their strength and tenacity These rigorous workouts are always attainable and fun. Unlike any other virtual class, each class builds on top of the other so over time you improve as an athlete. Or, you can simply enjoy each class for a hit of fitness and high-quality experience. Terriers are from all over the world, as is our music, with a diverse set of fitness goals and motivations. Learn from each other, while you learn from a coach with 20+ years of experience bringing people into the spin studio and across the finish line. STEP 7: COME BACK, LOYAL LIKE A TERRIER TERRIERS are all about substance, education, and fun while they work Over 96% of Terriers who attend one class come back for more, even if they are subscribed to other trendy fitness apps. Why? Terrier is a unique fitness experience, made more accessible and fun by coming to you live at home. Follow these steps, and YOU ARE ON YOUR WAY TO BECOMING A TERRIER! Terrier Fitness run & cycle is at home group fitness at its best, with two-way communications between the coach and athletes, streaming music from Anghami, and broadcast-quality video and audio.

Featured as Best Of Dubai in "Lovin Dubai" Dubai is loving Terrier Fitness! Thanks to virtual livestreaming, Terrier has crossed the waters of the Atlantic, the mounts of the Alps, and the expanse of the Middle East to find its way into the hearts of the UAE cycling community. We always say at Terrier that anyone can join class. It doesn't matter what may be your experience level or the type of bike you're on, we will coach you for YOU.... no matter where you are, we might add! In a round of cycling classes hosted in support of the UAE Tour Challenge, cyclists from Dubai and Abu Dhabi discovered Terrier Fitness. We are proud to have caught the attention of Lovin Dubai, who appreciated our global appeal. See the full article here:

Terrier Fitness hosts Livestream classes for the UAE Tour

This Wednesday, February 10th, Terrier Fitness launches a series of weekly virtual cycling classes for the 2021 UAE Tour, the first of 33 road cycling events in the 2021 season of the UCI World Tour. The UAE Tour is partnering with two digital platforms, Anghami music streaming and Terrier Fitness, to bolster its events this year with tech-forward offerings that endure throughout the real-world challenges of covid. Participating in the Terrier Fitness virtual classes are cyclists throughout the United Arab Emirates and Europe. This signifies the first digital training event prior to the one and only World Tour race in the Middle East, underscoring the success that Terrier Fitness has experienced in using technology to connect an international audience of athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and coaching. Terrier Fitness led in-person training for 15 years before adding virtual livestream cycle and run classes in March 2020. Terrier Fitness quickly earned notoriety on an international scale for its professional caliber sport coaching and creative flair. Classes are offered as virtual livestream sessions, blending Anghami music and curated video entertainment with strategic interval training to challenge technique, strength, and endurance. Keeping classes fun and all-inclusive for any level rider, be it beginner or pro, Terrier Fitness has configured a two-way streaming method so that the coach not only speaks to his athletes, but they also speak back and to each other. The result is a group training experience that is both highly personalized and socially engaging. In September 2020, Terrier Fitness began collaborating with Anghami, the #1 music streaming platform of the Arab world. Anghami is also an official partner of the UAE Tour. For the UAE Tour virtual cycling classes, Terrier handpicks music from Anghami’s extensive library of content to seamlessly integrate with the cadence and intensity of each interval throughout the class. The future of cycling and the fitness community at large will inevitably see more demand for virtual training in engaging formats. This partnership between the UAE Tour, Anghami, and Terrier Fitness serves as a model for how technology can unite industries and reach fitness audiences globally.