Schedule & Class Type

60 min classes - $15

90 min classes  - $18.17

3 hour classes - $28.00 (November thru March)

Livestream Unlimited - $119/month all classes

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Class Types


8:15a-11:30a CYCLE


In Person Workout

​Aerobic Strength (AS)


  • Increase capacity of muscular and cardio system

  • Raise your ability to run & ride stronger and harder

  • Generate sustainable endurance & power


  • Progressive intensity throughout workout

  • Intensity: Aerobic Endurance to Threshold (HR 70-85%)

  • No or limited recovery/breaks

Anaerobic Power (AP)


  • Expand cardiovascular and muscular system capacity at anaerobic level

  • Train ability to recover and re-engage

  • Improve your ability to boost strength & power and temporarily sustain extreme intensities


  • Intensity may exceed Anaerobic Strength (HR 95%)

  • Full recovery between intervals (HR 65% or lower)

  • Hills & Resistance

  • Requires strong cardio and muscular condition

Perform Max (PM)


  • Perform at maximum of cardio and muscular system that is sustainable for the duration of the workout

  • Improve your ability to run & ride under intense conditions

  • Test of fitness

  • Exploration of current personal limits


  • Physically and mentally most challenging work-out

  • Intensity ranges from Aerobic Strength level and up, average is likely near Threshold

  • No recovery built in class workout - take Active Recovery as needed

  • Requires recovery day or easy run/ride

Base Builder (BB)


  • Expand endurance of cardio and muscular systems

  • Increase your ability to run & ride longer, more comfortably

  • Improve running & pedaling efficiency/technique

  • Strengthen posture and comfort

  • Improve your HR & Power management skills


  • Consistent effort at one specific Aerobic Endurance / Aerobic Strength HR (65% to 75%)

  • Smooth transitions between positions and terrains

  • Takes mental attention not to drift away

  • Workout feels “longer” as structure is less diverse

Mix (MX)


  • Diversification of cycling work-out routine by combining elements of Aerobic Power, Anaerobic Power, Perform Max in one class


  • Vary during workout depending on elements

Brick (BR)


  • Triathlon specific

  • Prepare the body to be strong off the bike

  • Confidence to hold specific paces per the distance

  • Familiarize body with initial transition off bike


  • Tradition 10-15 run off bike

  • Intensity is determined by distance & phase of training

  • Mental training along with physical

  • Finding your "Legs"


Cycle & Strength (CS)


  • Strength & drills on and off the Bike

  • Supplements tradition off the bike strength

  • "Off season" strength

  • Stronger = Faster


  • 5-10 min on bike / 4-8 min off bike

  • Load legs through class

  • Plyo & Isolation

  • RPM 100+


Regeneration (RE)


  • Refresh and recover; relaxation for body and mind

  • Maximize benefit from preceding work-outs

  • Refresh muscles through increased blood circulation

  • Reduce tension and release lactate acid from muscles


  • Light to moderate effort at fluent cadence

  • Mental state is “intake” of energy vs. exerting power

  • Intensity is at recovery levels (HR 65% and below)

  • Requires patience for most A-type individuals

Sprinting (SP)


  • Create explosive power for final finishes

  • Adaptation at extreme efforts

  • Quicker legs + more power = more speed

  • Form & technique to deliver more power 


  • Repeated burst of power

  • Longer RI's then all other classes

  • Expect FTP 150%+

  • Big ring efforts

Pilates (PL)


  • Strengthen the abdominals and hips, generating movement from a stable core

  • Encourage joint mobility in shoulders, spine, and hips

  • Release tension in the back and weight-bearing joints

  • Improve posture

  • Explore lateral planes of movement with twists, and abduction/adduction


  • Subtle movements with deep sensation

  • Mind-body awareness for better control

  • Complete relaxation between movements

  • 20-30 modifiable, classical exercises developed by Joseph Pilates