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Bolt Bucs

A treat for "good dogs"


Program Details: Effective June 1, 2021. Earn "Bucs" for being a valued part of the Terrier community! Bolt Bucs can be redeemed as credit towards any purchase at the SHOP or towards any Private 1-on-1 session.  1 Bolt Buc (BB) =  1 US dollar in value.

Follow @terrierfitness on Instagram = 1 BUC

Subscribe to Terrier Fitness YouTube = 1 BUC

Follow @terrierfitness on Facebook and Twitter and Snapchat = 1 BUC

Each time you tag us @terrierfitness in your own social media post = .5 BUC

Refer a buddy to class* = 2 BUCS


Buddy joins Livestream Unlimited Plan = 10 BUCS

* When a new person signs up, s/he must put your last name in the booking form so that you get referral credit

4-10 / mo. = 1 BUC

11-16 / mo. = 2 BUCS

17+ / mo. = 3 BUCS

5K or Sprint Tri = 5 BUCS

Metric Century Ride = 5 BUCS

10K or Olympic Tri = 7 BUCS

Century Ride = 10 BUCS

1/2 Marathon

or 1/2 Ironman  = 10 BUCS


or Ironman = 15 BUCS

Social Media


Race Completion

Classes per month

Earning Bucs: We keep track of your accomplishments and count class sessions joined each end-of-month (bookings with no-shows do not count). Referred Terriers need to enter your last name in their booking field "who referred you" in order for you to get credit. If you complete a race, please tell us.

Redeeming Bucs: To redeem Bucs for purchases at the SHOP or towards any Private 1-on-1 session, simply email us at and we will provide you with a coupon within 48 hours. Bolt Bucs are not exchangeable for cash currency, cannot apply to shipping rate, and Terrier Fitness reserves the right to cancel the program and void any unredeemed Bolt Bucs.

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