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Do I need to bring a bike?

You can bring your own road or triathlon bike, or you can use one of Terriers fleet of Specialized road bikes.


What kind of shoes should I wear?
Wear shoes that you use for spin class, or bike shoes that are outfitted with SPD or Look Delta cleats.  Sneakers or running shoes will also work. (Avoid flip flops, ballet flats or heels!)


Does Terrier offer lockers and showers?
We offer cubbies and day lockers (you provide the lock) for you to store belongings during class.  We currently do not have  a shower but will be adding one in the future.  

I haven’t been on a bike in years. Does Terrier offer classes for beginners?
All Terrier classes are open for a range of abilities – from beginner to advanced.  The coach will counsel you on how to modify your workout.  With that said, we do offer first timer classes specifically for those looking to get comfortable on a real bike and understanding the class dynamic.  


Can I schedule a private lesson?
We offer private sessions and can tailor training for the bike, for strength and core; all specifically designed to help you reach your fitness goals.

I want to bring my bike but can I store it at Terrier in between classes?
Terrier offers bike storage!  Don't want to lug your bike back and forth?  Keep your bike at Terrier so when you show up for class on on the stand ready to go!


What time should I show up for my first class?
We recommend arriving 15 to 20 minutes before your first class so we can ensure your bike is set up on our trainers or so that your rental is set up to your body (we save your settings after that).


Can I book Terrier for a private event?
Absolutely!  Just inquire at


Can I join a wait list if the class I want is booked?

Even when a class appears to be full, you may (and should!) add yourself to the wait list. When a cancellation is made more than 12 hours before the class, the first name on the wait list will get automatically added and confirmed for the class. You will receive an automated email at this time and are considered CONFIRMED and responsible for attending or cancelling this reservation. By adding your name to the wait list, you are potentially signing up for the class! Please only sign up if you plan on attending. It does happen that people have to cancel at the last minute, or simply do not show up to claim their spot in class – so you may also stop by and if there is a vacancy 5 minutes after class starts, you may join the class.


What if I’m late to class? 

Any vacancies may be given to standby students 5 minutes after class start time. If you arrive more than 10 minutes after class has started, you will be unable to join the class – for your own safety and the consideration of the other students.


I have to cancel.  Will I be charged?

You can cancel on our online booking system without charge if you do so 12 hours before the  class. No phone or email cancellations please. There are two types of cancellation charges, “Late Cancel” and “No Show.” – A Late Cancel charge will occur if you cancel less than 12 hours from the scheduled class time. A No Show charge occurs when you are signed up for a class and, you guessed it, do not show up. In both cases you will lose your credit and be charged $10. Sorry, but we cannot make individual exceptions.


How should I stay in touch with Terrier if I have questions?

Email is best!  Send any queries to  And, to notify you about reservations, to confirm bookings and to confirm cancelations, we’ll email you with the address you use when you register. Please make sure you have an active email address entered in your account profile and please check the “Email Opt-In” button.  Don’t worry, this email is only used for important communication, not spam. To ensure your spam filter will allow our emails to get through, you should add "” to your contact list, address book, or whitelist. Search the help section of your email provider to find details on how to do this.





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