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18 Week Paris Marathon Training Program

Training Starts  12/10/17 - Race Date 4/8/18


How The Program Works

We are thrilled that you are considering Terrier Tri to help you achieve your race day goals!  Since 2005 Terrier has offered a marathon program and the coaches have once again put together an extensive schedule that will be broken down into three levels: Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced for the distance running. 


The Program Includes

- 2 coached group sessions per week Tuesday morning 6:00a from Terrier and Thursday evening 6:30pm from Buddy Brew Hyde Park

- Monthly supported long run (the 3rd weekendof every month) mixing in locations on both sides of the bay!

- Monthly meetings to discuss topics such as race day nutrition, pacing and injury prevention 

- Weekly training schedule to follow online

- Email or call coach with questions

- Additional run sessions are done on your own or you can communicate with the team to meet up. 


Training for any running race can be a challenge and no one ever said it was easy, however, consistency is key!  Try to attend the group sessions as much as possible in order to get the most out of the program. We understand life gets in the way sometimes, so if you miss a workout - simply follow the schedule which will be posted in two week blocks. If you are unsure about what workout to do, or if you don't understand a workout; simply email

Target Race 

Schneider Electric Paris Marathon  two full days of festival fun, including running events, a Health & Wellness Market, local food, music and craft beer from 3 Daughters Brewing. With distances for kids, beginners and seasoned runners, there’s plenty to entertain the entire family in the Sunshine City, St. Petersburg, Florida.


Lead Up Races

We will announce our lead up races as we get closer to the start of the program

What level am I?
The levels we break you off into can change over the course of the program.

Beginner: 0-10 miles per week. This schedule is for first timers or runners that feel more comfortable with lower mileage


Intermediate: 10-25 miles per week. Most runners will fall into this category and abilities will vary. First timers and veterans will feel comfortable with this schedule while also pushing a bit more agressviely at times.

Advanced: 30 + miles per week. This is a schedule designed for experienced runners who are looking for a PR.


Elite: 45 + miles per week. This is a schedule designed for the elite runners who are looking for a PR/podium. If you have any concerns or questions about the level of the elite schedule please speak to a coach prior to starting.

We communicate with program participants in two main ways. The first form of communication is through this website.  We have a page dedicated to the program listing training schedules and any relative training and posts. This page will be updated every two weeks.  The 2nd is the group text created for the duration of the program. You are able to send group messages through this list anytime you have a question, need some clarification or simply want some company on a run during a non-group day.

Welcome Meeting
Monday: December 4th Terrier 1221 W. Cass Street at 6:00pm

This meeting will cover what to expect from training, will include a talk about pacing and answer any questions you may have. 


Sign Up

$60/per month (Does not include race entries)

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