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Terrier Fitness New York City
Livestream & "Live Scene" Workouts
Sept 17-19

Friday Sep 17

  • 6:30a Central Park Live Scene Run

  • 9:30a Livestream Cycle 60

Saturday Sep 18

  • 8:00a Livestream Run 60

  • 9:15a Livestream Cycle 90

  • 7:45p Joe Brack Music @ The Bitter End

  • 9:15p Drinks Kickoff Party @ Peculiar Pub

Sunday Sep 19

  • 8:15a NYC to The Market Live Scene Cycle


Details and links below


Friday Sep. 17th, 6:30am

Central Park Run Workout 
Live Scene (In - Person)

Coach's Ride.004.jpeg

Friday Sep. 17th, 9:30am

Cycle 60 Livestream 



Saturday Sep. 18th, 8:00am

Run 60 Livestream


Livestream Grid cmv.001.jpeg

Saturday Sep. 18th, 9:15am

Cycle 90 Livestream


Sunday Sep. 19th, 8:15am

The Market Group Ride 
Live Scene (In - Person)

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