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Terrier Coaching for Team DP

Terrier will lead a 5 week fitness program from June 17th through July 19th.

(There will be no group workouts the week of July 1st through July 5th for the 4th of July holiday.)


Build platform for Team DB scoring, schedules, sign ups, communication and updates which will be hosted on Terrier  

Develop & manage all scoring, leaderboards, data entry, communication and awards.

(8) x Equinox Sessions (Equinox membership not required) 

(8) x Core/Abs Sessions  

(8) x Walk Sessions

(4) x Run Sessions

(4) x Office Fit Sessions 

(5) weeks of virtual coaching and management  

    - Email support for athletes with questions about fitness, workouts, nutrition, etc.

    - 4 schedules created exclusively for Team DB to follow outside of group sessions.

    - Detailed descriptions of each workout.

    - Online, edited and fun videos of Team DP workouts!  We found adding this keeps engagement fun and interest high. 

    - Weekly nutrition ideas, tips, reminders and motivational content. 

    - Create #teamDBfit for all employees up upload pictures of their workouts for Twitter, Instagram & Facebook

(2) Educational speakers held at DB (Nutrition & How To Make Fitness A Lifestyle) 

(1) Kick-off meeting for all Team DB team leaders.  Time/Date/Location TBD.



Team DP will have the opportunity to meet 5 times per week for four weeks. 

(8) x Equinox 63rd Cross-Training Workouts *Equinox membership not required.

(2) weekly 30 minute sessions take place at Equinox 63rd Street to highlight the facilities and programming.

    -Week #1 Cycling - Wednesday June 19th 1:00pm & 1:35pm  

    -Week #2 Ropes & Rowers - Wednesday June 26th 1:00pm & 1:35pm  

    -Week #3 Master Of One - Wednesday July 10th 1:00pm & 1:35pm

    -Week #4 Yoga - Friday July 17th 1:00pm & 1:35pm

(8) x Core/Abs at BD

(2) weekly x 30 minute sessions take held at BD.  Everyone loves a core and ab workout, especially when it's in the convince of the office! We'll use the cafeteria or another large area to take employees though a 30 minute workout to strengthen the core and abs.  

(8) x Walk Sessions

(2) weekly x 30 minute sessions will leave from DB 56th street entrance.  We'll use the neighborhood as our playground and will include stops for plyo and resistance intervals.     

(4) x Run Sessions

(1) weekly 60 minute run session will meet at the Grand Army Plaza Square at 59th & 5th and takes place in Central Park. This workout is designed for the employee who enjoys running.  Workouts will include strength, speed, tempo and fartlek. 

(4) x Office Fit Sessions

(1) weekly 60 minute.  We'll use the office as our gym.  Stairs between floors, hallways, offices, etc.  We'll create a course and the employees will love it!



"DBW" Walking 1:00p - 1:30p

"DBW" Walking 1:35p - 2:05p

"DBO" Office Fit 6:00p - 7:00p


"DBE" Equinox 1:00p - 1:35p

"DBE" Equinox 1:35p - 2:05p


"DBC" Core/Abs 4:30p - 5:00p

"DBC" Core/Abs 5:05p - 5:40p

"DBR" Running 6:00p - 7:00p


Overall By Team

Individual Overall (M & F)

Individual By Each Team (M & F)

Create age groups and M/F (m30-34, f35-39, etc) which will help participation and motivation

(Tie breaker will need to be established)



Most Logged Workouts (M & F)

Best Attendance Group Sessions (M & F)

Most Enthusiastic (M & F)

Most Improved (M & F)

Best Effort (M & F)

Thank you for considering Terrier for your corporate coaching experience.  We pride ourselves on having the best coaches in NYC who foster a fun, inviting and controlled atmosphere for all employees and fitness levels alike.


Robert Pennino


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