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Best Livestream Run & Cycle Classes In 2022

By: Bolt James (International Run & Cycle News)


Updated 3:03pm March 31st, 2022 - 2 minute read


New York - For 15 years Terrier Fitness & Robert Pennino have been the boutique leader of run and cycle workouts in NYC. With classes in Equinox from 2003-2019 and having a cycling studio on the upper east side through 2016, Terrier has been at the center of NYC fitness community.


In the fall of 2019, Terrier began to shift to the digital fitness space and when Covid hit and they were forced to speed their launch to April 2020. Now almost two years later, Terrier Livestream Run & Cycle is establishing its self as the go to digital fitness livestream classes.


"I see you, you see me, I hear you, you hear me, it's a live as it gets” said coach Pennino who leads Terrier Fitness. Terrier limits classes to 50 people so each person is watched, coached and held accountable during class. 


In speaking with some members, they all agree Terrier offers a professional coached class with a very unique style.


“Coach kicks my ass daily, I love it” says Tara G. who lives on the upper east side of NYC. She rides a Peloton at home and takes the Terrier run classes on a treadmill at Equinox. "Frequently my kids come running into the living room making sure I’m OK due to the noises I make”. Coach Pennino agrees, “Yea, the sounds that Tara projects are often unrecognizable to the human species."


"He sees me and I can’t cheat. The accountability is what I need" said Elise B. who recently relocated from NYC to Florida. When mentioning Elise, Pennino gave a slow head nod and paused before answering. “Yea Elise works hard when she’s in class. But now with her shuffleboard and pickle ball schedule she hasn't been a very consistent Terrier. She's risking serious injury taking up such high impact sports.”


Terrier works with a wide variety of athletes, like Rob L. who's training for Ironman Lake Placid and has been running and cycling with Terrier for 10 years. “Terrier separates the year into segments which allows proper fitness & adaptations to take place. We're currently in a base & strength phase and he said to keep our long Saturday rides fun, enjoyable and under 70% FTP."  "Yea, I did say that but I never said TicToking during class is allowed” huffed Coach Pennino. “Next week, I’ll be running Rob’s ass into the ground until he drops. Rob has the attention span of an ant and that needs to change before his July Ironman."

Screen Shot 2022-02-01 at 11.17.52 AM.png

Rob L. TicToking during class

Screen Shot 2022-01-31 at 11.55.33 PM.png

What separates Terrier’s platform is that anyone, on any type of bike can take class from anywhere in the world. Paula S. attended the very first Terrier class in April of 2020 from her balcony in NYC. She continues to ride there every class no matter the weather. “These classes got me through the pandemic and continue to do so. My apartment in NYC is about the size of my walk in closet where I grew up, so the balcony is the only place I have room to ride."  “Yea, that's wacked” said Pennino. "Riding on the balcony when it's 8 degrees out is just not normal, I mean who does that? I told her to sell the couch and make room for the bike, it’s simple prioritization” 

Paula S. during the bomb cyclone. 

Terrier sets your training zones both in cycling & running so you can easily follow any workout. They use the traditional 20 minute FTP/HR test in cycling and in running implement a 10 minute test to set pace/speed zones. Once you've tested, Terrier sends a chart with your individual numbers to follow during class.  


“I hate cycle testing (FTP) but I need to do it every 12 weeks or so” said Trixi U. who is one of NYC’s stronger women riders and races in the CRCA Central Park events. Said Pennino "Yea, Trixi is as powerful of a woman as I've coached but fashionably she needs help. She wore her bibs backwards the first time in class so I followed up with a link to Rapha on proper fit. I want my athletes not only be strong and fit but also look presentable, I'm here for them." 


Julie L., who runs inside on a treadmill or outside on the roads when taking class said “the last 3 minutes of my run test (TRP) was brutal and I almost lost my lunch." Coach quickly responded “Yes, but she didn’t lose her lunch and when she does is when I'll be impressed. I have no time for almost.”


Coach Pennino leading a 90 minute Saturday Class

In class everyone can see and hear each other with coach Pennino monitoring the communications. "It's even better than in person as I have everyone right in front of me. You can’t hide as if you're in a dark room in the back row.” But Pennino does have his finger on the mute trigger as he says there're a few “run away talkers.” Like NYC Peloton riders David B. who is head of content for a small floundering social media company and Andy (Legs) K. who works at TKTS. Pennino said “When these two knuckle heads are in class together the discussion isn't FTP, intervals or drills, it’s their post workout meal which is often a NYC everything bagel toasted with lox, cream cheese, onions, capers and tomatoes. Everyone has different motivations for class and theirs is obviously Salmon."  


Pennino said all shapes, sizes and abilities take class. “Honestly, I don’t care what your goals are as long as you give me your best effort.” Prime example is Peter S. who Pennino says takes smoke brakes during class. “Peter is here for reasons no one knows. He usually turns off his camera but sometimes he forgets and now the entire class knows Pall Mall Menthols are his puffs of choice.”

Pennino said on the other side of the spectrum from Peter is Peloton rider Paula F. "Paula consistently drinks 16oz of water each class which is great but it takes over 300 sips to get there. OMG, just drink the dam water!"

Terrier brings people together from all over the globe, like Elie A. who lives in Dubai. "When he's not on his 247 foot boat (that's the small one) or being chauffeured around in his 1947 Rolls Royce, he takes class from a gold plated Trek with diamond studded handle bars and a custom made camel saddle. "It's pretty cool, the blinging of the bike causes camera flares." said Pennino.    

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