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Sep 26th - Dec 18th

There are several ways to attack the off season as a triathlete. At Terrier we believe the best way to improve is to focus on ONE sport.  This 12-week program will prepare you for the 2016 season by making you stronger and faster in the sport you struggle with the most.  We have a swim, bike and run program so there is something for everyone.  We will focus on skill, technique and strength to lay a foundation well beyond 2016.  Strength workouts will also be incorportated within each program.  Each program has 1 coached workout and 5-6 on-your-own workouts per week.


  • 12 week training program

  • Swim, bike & run test to set baseline

  • Pace, power & HR will be used to manage workouts

  • 3 testing dates - October, November, December

  • Strength schedule to follow


Monday - Day Off/Strength


Tuesday - Swim On Your Own


Wednesday - Coached Swim 8:00p


Thursday - Day Off/Strength


Friday - Swim On Your Own


Saturday - Swim On Your Own


Sunday - Swim On Your Own


*Friday will be a meet and swim at Riverbank State Park at 6:30am.  Must purchase a drop in card from the city and cost is $3 per swim




Monday - Day Off/Strength


Tuesday - Ride On Your Own


Wednesday - Coached Computrainer 6:00a


Thursday - Ride On Your Own


Friday - Day Off/Strength


Saturday* - Ride On Your Own


Sunday - Ride On Your Own


*Saturday's will be a meet and ride from the boathouse in Central Park at 8:00am or we will have additional Terrier computrainer classes which can be attend for additional drop in fee.




Monday - Day Off/Strength


Tuesday - Coached Run 6:00a


Wednesday - Run On Your Own


Thursday - Run On Your Own


Friday - Day Off/Strength


Saturday - Run On Your Own


*Sunday - Run On Your Own


*Sundays will be a meet and run from the 72nd Street transverse at 8:30am.


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