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EVERY WEDNESDAY 5:30a - 7:00a


About The Class Works

We ride in side on the trainers and run outside in North Hyde Park and along Riverwalk.   Bike is usually 50-70 minutes and run 20-40 minutes, depending on the schedule and upcoming races.  Running well off the bike is a skill that can be developed over time with specific workouts to prepare you for race day, come give it a try. 


How It Works

- Workout is coached and based on watts, HR and/or pace 

- Bring your bike or use one of ours

- Bring your hydration and bike & run gear (minus your helmet)

Top Ten Reasons To Ride Inside

10. Real Bikes. Use one of our Specialized road bikes or bring your own and you’ll experience a real ride, inside. 

9. Technique and Bike Skills. Learn how to shift and gear your bike inside which will make you a better rider outside.

8. Efficiency & Safety. No stoplights. No cars. No squirrels. No weather.  Just pure, uninterrupted riding.

7. Accountability. Coaches will diligently monitor your effort to keep you honest and your workout efficient.

6. Tangible Progress. Training with power will allow us to monitor your fitness as you get stronger and more fit.

5. Experience New Terrain. Climb the mountains of Colorado, France or Italy, right here in Tampa Bay.

4. No Coasting. Unlike outside, there is no coasting in a Terrier class. With us, your legs will always be moving!

3. Never Get Dropped. Ride alongside your friend or training partner and never worry about falling behind.

2. Workouts Powered by YOU. Spin bikes have weighted flywheels to help you pedal.  Terrier is 100% powered by YOU!

1. Buddy Brew! Enjoy a pre or post-ride caffeine boost in our adjoining Buddy Brew Coffee taproom!



First class?  Use the code FRF for a free workout and we offer packages and monthly options.  


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Terrier Bike/Run

This Weeks Workout


You will complete the set below 4x's thru


BIKE - 15:00 Minutes

5:00 70% R105

4:00 75% R100

3:00 80% R95

2:00 85% R90

1:00 90% R65


Run - 5:00 Minutes

1st time off bike keep it steady 70%

2nd time 2:30 70% 2:30 80%

3rd time 75%

4th time next race pace

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