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50 for 50 NYC Marathon Training Program

20 Week Training Starts 6/21/21


We are thrilled that you are considering Terrier to help you achieve your race & charity goals. Since 2005 Terrier has worked with charities across the country to create fun & engaging training while raising money for meaningful causes. Terrier's founder Robert Pennino is known for his involvement in charity coaching & management. He is the original instructor of Cycle For Survival (since 2007), multisport events for St. Judes, and currently produces events for new charities such as Dogs Trust USA. 


This is Terrier's 16th year designing a Fall marathon running program, privileging the New York City race. This year, the coaches have put together a diverse and extensive LIVESTREAM & IN PERSON schedule that hones athletic performance while building memorable camaraderie. Central Park is an invaluable resource for metropolitan runners, and this program intends to forge a relationship between its participants and the Park's unique splendor. It's not just about the race, but the terrain you explore along the way, both within your self and the environment you share.

What The Program Includes

- Weekly training schedules accessible at, adapted for three levels: Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced

- Questionnaire of running history & goals

- Personalized paces, speeds, and effort zones for each runner based off of Terrier's proven philosophy & testing

- Run assessment completed every 6 weeks to update running zones as athletes improve over time (3 tests total)

- Weekly tips and techniques to enhance performance through proper form

- Two LIVESTREAM workouts per week, coached to music. Runners can do these outside or on a treadmill

      1. The 1st workout is Tuesday 6:30am or 6:30pm EST

      2. The 2nd workout will be a group consensus choosing one of these times (Thursday 6:30a, 6:30p, Friday 8:00a, 11:00a) EST 

- Real-time GPS tracking if you choose (when running outside)

- LIVESTREAM workouts are recorded so if you miss a scheduled workout you can do it on your own

- Social engagement in the virtual context: at Terrier, all are welcome to "unmute" and participate in a shared experience

- IN PERSON group long-distance runs one Sunday per month.*  We meet at 8:00am in Central Park on Bethesda Terrace at the 72nd street transverse (above the fountain). *Exact dates TBD based on race lead up schedule and a Covid-free NYC

- Bi-weekly Pilates sessions on Monday nights (time TBD based on group preference) 

- Monthly educational seminar (Approx. 1 hour) 

      Seminar 1: Kick-off meeting June 20th or 21st, time TBD

      Seminar 2: Nutritional guidance specific to running & marathon performance

      Seminar 3: It's the little things!

      Seminar 4: Pacing

      Seminar 5: What To Expect Marathon Day

Target Race 

NYC Marathon 2021


Lead Up Races

To be determined once events are announced

What level am I?

The levels can change over the course of the program. No matter the level, Terrier has historically guided its participants to the finish line healthy & happy! 

Beginner: 0-10 miles per week. This schedule is for first timers, walker/runner or runners who feel more comfortable with lower mileage.

Intermediate: 10-25 miles per week. Most runners will fall into this category, and abilities will vary. First timers and veterans will feel comfortable with this schedule while also pushing a bit more aggressively at times.

Advanced: 30+ miles per week. This is a schedule designed for experienced runners who are looking for a PR.


Maintaining regular communication with your coach helps keep you accountable and focused. Terrier communicates with program participants in two main ways: website, and direct email. We have a web page dedicated to the program, which lists training schedules and any relevant training tools and posts. This page is updated every week. Questions can be email to 

Kickoff Meeting

Sunday evening, June 20th 7:00pm, livestream on Zoom.

​Training for an endurance event can be a challenge, and no one ever said it was easy! However, consistency is key! Try to attend the LIVESTREAM sessions as much as possible in order to get the most out of the program. This meeting will cover what to expect with training, and answer any questions participants may have. 


$99/per month (41-50ppl)

$109/per month (31-40ppl)

$119/per month (21-30ppl)

$129/per month (11-20ppl)

$139/per month (1-10ppl)


Fees do not include personal race entries, personal coaching or additional Terrier Livestream sessions outside what's described above

Additional Fundraising

Terrier is experienced in fundraising initiatives. In addition to the program, if you would like to hold a singular running or cycling class to help raise funds, let us know.  We will help orchestrate the event to make your fundraising a success.  


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