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Triathlon, Cycling, Adventure & Golf, Pick Your Passion!

We offer 4 types of travel

Triathlon (FLORIDA) - Since 2004 we kick off every year with a triathlon camp in Clermont, Florida.  This camp is designed for athletes looking to improve competitive 

fitness in all aspects of swim, bike and run.

Cycling (SICILY) - You LOVE your bike, only your bike, it's all about the bike!

Adventure (SICILY) - You're an all rounder, you like to walk, hike, bike, paddle board, snorkel, yoga, bootcamp or some fitness local to the region but you can expect something different every day! 

Golfer (SICILY) - We take you around Sicily playing golf in the morning and exploring the local history, food and culture the rest of the day.

Book your travel to Sicily today and get ready to experience the thrill of a lifetime in one of the most beautiful and exciting destinations in the world. With our expert guidance and local knowledge, you'll get to see Sicily in a whole new light and discover hidden gems that few tourists ever get to explore.



Clermont, Florida

Triathlon Camp

3/12 - 3/17

All Levels

Airport: Orlando (MCO)


Italy, Ride Across Sicily

Cycling Road/Gravel

6/7 - 6/16

All Levels

Airport: Catania (CTA)


Italy, Sicily, Catania

Fitness Adventure

7/5 - 7/14

All Levels

Airport: Catania (CTA)

sicily golf.jpg

Italy, Sicily

Golf Adventure

8/2 - 8/11

All Levels

Airport: Catania (CTA)

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