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Terrier is now offering its signature 3-hour Saturday cycle class to get you though the fall and winter. Since 2005, Terrier has been leading 3-hour cycling classes every Saturday in NYC and we will now be taking our signature model global for all to enjoy!

How it works

- We have (2) two back to back 90 minute classes, 7:25a & 9:00a

- You can take just the 7:25a or the 9:00A for those who only need one class

- Those riding 3-hours will do both

- We give you 5 minutes between classes (8:55a - 9:00a) to refill & refuel 

- Both classes are designed as one, so 3-hour riders will be holding different power & HR zones

- Hydration and nutrition is a must on these long indoor sessions, so have a plan and more bottles ready in the fridge

- Ventilation and a fan is needed to keep body temperature down

- Have a few extra towels standing by

- A rubber mat or some kinda of water barrier under you is also recommended

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