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Terrier Fitness hosts Livestream classes for the UAE Tour

This Wednesday, February 10th, Terrier Fitness launches a series of weekly virtual cycling classes for the 2021 UAE Tour, the first of 33 road cycling events in the 2021 season of the UCI World Tour. The UAE Tour is partnering with two digital platforms, Anghami music streaming and Terrier Fitness, to bolster its events this year with tech-forward offerings that endure throughout the real-world challenges of covid.

Participating in the Terrier Fitness virtual classes are cyclists throughout the United Arab Emirates and Europe. This signifies the first digital training event prior to the one and only World Tour race in the Middle East, underscoring the success that Terrier Fitness has experienced in using technology to connect an international audience of athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and coaching.

Terrier Fitness led in-person training for 15 years before adding virtual livestream cycle and run classes in March 2020. Terrier Fitness quickly earned notoriety on an international scale for its professional caliber sport coaching and creative flair. Classes are offered as virtual livestream sessions, blending Anghami music and curated video entertainment with strategic interval training to challenge technique, strength, and endurance. Keeping classes fun and all-inclusive for any level rider, be it beginner or pro, Terrier Fitness has configured a two-way streaming method so that the coach not only speaks to his athletes, but they also speak back and to each other. The result is a group training experience that is both highly personalized and socially engaging.

In September 2020, Terrier Fitness began collaborating with Anghami, the #1 music streaming platform of the Arab world. Anghami is also an official partner of the UAE Tour. For the UAE Tour virtual cycling classes, Terrier handpicks music from Anghami’s extensive library of content to seamlessly integrate with the cadence and intensity of each interval throughout the class.

The future of cycling and the fitness community at large will inevitably see more demand for virtual training in engaging formats. This partnership between the UAE Tour, Anghami, and Terrier Fitness serves as a model for how technology can unite industries and reach fitness audiences globally.


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