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The Beet. Features Terrier Fitness

Girl Running to Fitness Coaching

Terrier Fitness has been newly featured in The Beet., an online hub for news and resources to support a plant-based lifestyle. According to The Beet., Terrier Fitness covers all the bases for delivering a premier workout experience to its users, saying, "The live in-person coaching along with music, intensity intervals, endurance and speed drills, and the usual spin class motivation from working out with a like-minded group of athletes is the perfect combination of motivation and hard work that will make you want to come back for more."

The Beet. educates its audience about all things plant-based, from recipes to wellness advice, so that they can achieve and sustain a healthy lifestyle. Terrier Fitness is proud to be aligned with such a mission-driven resource, as we have always believed that everyone deserves a high-quality, knowledgeable fitness experience regardless of where or why they show up.

Read the full article from The Beet. below, and snag a discount code for a complimentary class!


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